10 years in Charleston!

Today marks 10 years that I've been in Charleston.

10 years ago I finished my medical physics residency, packed myself up and left the Detroit area (Dearborn Heights to be specific) for the warmer climate of Charleston. Little did I know how warm it would be.

10 years ago I figured I'd work in Charleston for a while, and then find another job back home and move back.

10 years later I'm still here. That must mean I like it here, right? Honestly, I'm surprised it's been that long, and sometimes I wonder why I'm still here (especially between June-August).

I remember years ago seeing pictures of the aftermath of Hugo on the news and thinking "Boy, I'm glad I don't live there". At the time I didn't know it was Charleston that Hugo had hit. I just remembered seeing a picture of a large boat in the middle of the road. A few years ago I saw the same picture (it was a picture of a large sail boat in the middle of Lockwood Dr) and then made the connection. I realized that I was "there", in that place I saw on the news so long ago.

How's that for irony?

So now I've been here 10 years and I must admit I've enjoyed it here, despite the 4 months of nearly intolerable heat and humidity. I've had the privilege of working with and being mentored by some very well respected people in my field over the past 10 years and more recently, thanks to Lowcountry Bloggers and the Charleston Linux Users Group, have expanded my social circle quite a bit.

Coincidentally, there's the possibility that I may be starting off my second decade in Charleston with a fairly major new venture. Depending on how things work out, I may find myself finally tackling a PhD (something that's long been on my list of things to accomplish) through the Clemson/MUSC Bioengineering program. That's a story for another blog entry though.