Bai bai Blend?

When Blend opened up across the street from MUSC a couple of years ago, it brought a nice refreshing change to the lunch and dinner scene around MUSC.

For being such a busy area, there is a significant lack of lunching spots in the hospital district that aren't more than a 5 minute walk away. There's Wickliffe House across the street or Hot Dog Cart guy, but the other options like Hominy Grill, Lana, Norms or the plethora of fast food joints on the Crosstown are a bit of a walk away if you're limited for lunching time. When Blend opened, it became a very tasty and quick lunch alternative to the cafeteria Their Proscuitto/Cappicola ham sandwich and a root beer was my favourite lunch combo, and I usually managed to make it there every once every few weeks to grab one.

Now there's a "Temporarily Closed" sign on their door, and their website ( says the site is unavailable until further notice. Given the history of "temporary" closings for food establishments around here, I'm hoping to see Blend come back eventually, but not terribly optimistic about it.