Barkley's river adventure

Another update from Barkley's new family. I think this was his first water adventure. I had him out by a pond at a CSCLRC event in the fall, but he didn't jump into the water at all. He looked like he wanted to join the other dogs, but just ran around the edge of the water waiting for them to come out so he could grab the bumpers from the dogs.

He was so happy! Maggie immediate ran and jumped into the river, so he followed with a big leap- he looked so startled that he didn't land on something! He had no problem paddling back to shore but then was too timid to go back in even though he really wanted to- he kept putting his toes and nose I'm and trying from every rock but just couldn't take the plunge! We're sure he will when the water is warm enough for us to get in because then he'll follow. He and Maggie ran and ran over the rocks!

Barkley by the river