Blend is back!

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this morning that Blend had reopened, so I decided to stop in for lunch.

Blend has changed the menu and lowered prices by taking their sandwiches and salads and turning them into wraps. Sandwich wraps are $5.95 and the salad wraps are $6.95. They also have a selection of 3 soups you can choose from for $2.75, and you can get a wrap/soup combo for $6.95. If you pay with cash, they'll also knock 5% off the bill.

I miss the proscuitto/cappicola sandwich, but the wrap versions are still just as tasty as the original sandwich versions. Hopefully the lower prices will draw more customers and help keep Blend around as a good alternative lunching spot to the cafeteria.

Blend is open from 10-4.