Easy morning jog

A little on the cool side this morning. Who left the fridge open?

Went out for an easy jog this morning with the dogs. Don't want to push myself too hard. Being someone who used to run quite a bit back in high school and university, and then not doing it for a long long time makes getting back into running a little challenging. The brain remembers being able to run a lot faster and harder than the body is capable of. The brain says "hey, this feels good, let's go out a little faster" and makes the body go out harder than body is ready for. Then body ends up getting injured, which means no more running.

This has foiled some of my previous attempts at getting back into running in the past, so I try to make myself take things easy for the first few weeks. I'm not too concerned that I haven't gone out in a few days. Those days of obsessing and gnashing of teeth because I missed a day of running are long past me now (yes, I used to be one of those runners). My main goal is to be able to get back to a point where I want to go running regularly, and that means not getting myself injured.

Plus, I have a goal this time. I'm on an i5k team (go vote on a t-shirt design for our team)! It would be embarrassing to do all this training, and then get myself injured so I can't run in the race.

Temp: 11°C
Distance: 2.4 km/1.5 miles
Time: ~30 min
Pace: ~20:00