Feeding green tripe

Until recently, all of my experience with tripe has been through Nethack (tripe rations, "Blech, dog food!).

A few months ago, Whole Dog Journal had an article on feeding green tripe which I found quite intriguing. The article warns that green tripe pretty pungent stuff and feeding it probably isn't for everybody, but that it can provide numerous health benefits for your dog.

While I was at Dolittle's today, I saw they started carrying green beef and venison tripe from a company called Tripett. After mulling it over a bit, I decided to let the dogs try some of the beef tripe out, so I picked up a few cans.

Tripett Green Beef Tripe

Whew, the WDJ people weren't kidding when they said green tripe smelled. This stuff was mighty odiferous. I suppose if I had to describe it, I would say it was a green poopy smell. It's kind of like what you smell when you're in a cow barn, but greener.

Each of the dogs got 1/3 of a can along with their regular food (California Natural Lamb and Rice). When I gave it to the dogs, they just dug right in. Even Nala, who normally questions anything new in her food dish, didn't hesitate and gobbled everything down.

At 464 kcals/can for the green beef tripe, it's pretty calorie rich. A can is almost an entire meal's worth of calories for my dogs. Just something to take into account if green tripe is something you're going to add to your dog's diet.

I have two cans left, enough for two more meals for the three dogs. I doubt I'll see any of the touted health benefits with just a day and a half of feeding, but at least now I know I wouldn't have any problems feeding it to the dogs if I wanted to make it a regular component of their diet.