Green tripe followup

I think I may have rushed the dogs' green tripe experience in a case of "too much too soon". They each got about a third of a can at each meal, which I didn't think they would have a problem with. Although they seemed to enjoy the green tripe, the dogs ended up with upset tummies starting with Simba on Sunday and Nala last night.

Simba is feeling better now and is back to normal and after a late pukey night, I think Nala's starting to feel a little better.

Even though the dogs seemed to enjoy the tripe, I don't think it's something I'll add on a regular basis. Main reason is the smell. Peeewww. Other reason is that although the dogs liked the tripe, if they're going to be hitting the eject button the next day, that's not going to be much fun for them or me.