Let the training begin

As part of my effort to make myself exercise more (and hopefully shed a few kilos in the process), I decided to join some of my fellow bloggers in the i5k run coming up next month.

Today was the first day I got out jogging in a couple of weeks. Now that it's warmer out (not equipped to run in anything cooler than about 10°C), the dogs and I went for our usual jog/shuffle (they jog, I shuffle) up and down the street. I made it further than I expected before having to stop, considering how long it's been since I was last out. This is good. It means that while I'm still an out of shape pile of goo, I'm not as much of an out of shape pile of goo as I thought I was.

Temp: 15°C
Distance: ~1 mile
Time: ?
Pace: ?