Morning jog

A slight breeze made things a little bit cool on the way out, but once I got going the cool air felt good. The jog felt good, and didn't seem quite as hard as it was last week. I made it to my target spot before stopping, and I think I probably could have gone on a little bit farther.

Now that I don't have a foster dog (for now), taking both of the dogs out running with me is much easier. Nala isn't really much of a running companion. She likes to run, especially chasing after balls at the dog park, but I think going out for jogs, she gets bored because she can't sniff any of the interesting smells along the way. After the initial excitement of getting outside, she ends up lagging behind for most of the jog, going fast enough to keep just a little bit of tension on the leash. She'll go faster if I up the pace a little, but always maintaining that small amount of tension.

Simba on the other hand makes a great running partner. He happily trots along beside me, and could definitely go on for a lot longer than I can right now. I'm sure once summer and the 30°C mornings hit, that will change.

Temp: 11°C
Distance: ~1 mile
Time: ~20 min
Pace: ~20:00