Personal information containment device

The Hutterite made leather wallet that I've been carrying around for the last 20 years finally gave out on me this year with the stitching starting to become undone.

Old wallet

This Wallet has served me well since I bought it at the Old Strathcona Farmer's Market back home 20 years ago. After I moved from Edmonton, it also served as a reminder of home, bringing back memories of my weekly visits to the farmer's market where I would do a good chunk of my grocery shopping (and munch on some phenomenally good sausage sticks, also made by the Hutterites, while shopping).

After the stitching started coming apart, I even entertained the idea of trying to find someone who could restitch it for me (still considering it). Needless to say, The Wallet carries more than a little sentimental value.

When I saw the stainless steel wallet at, I decided that when replacement time finally came, this would be the one to take the place of The Wallet. A couple of days ago, I finally got tired of the loose thread always getting caught on stuff so I decided it was replacement time. Today, New Wallet arrived.

Steel wallet

New wallet open

New Wallet is a little larger than I expected, but much thinner too. Since it's made from woven steel threads, it's not nearly as flexible or stretchy as The Wallet is, so I've had to drastically cut down what I stuff in New Wallet to just the essentials. It's fairly light and feels nice. Doesn't look like it's made from stainless steel threads. It's also supposed to protect RFID enabled cards from attempts at drive-by readings. I wonder what kind of reaction I'll get when it goes through an airport x-ray scanner.

Since Thinkgeek was also giving away these cool QR Code shirt as well, I decided to throw one of those in too. This is the code that came on my shirt.

QR Code Shirt

This is not the free t-shirt you are looking for. You can go about your business. Oh, and buy cool stuff at *waves hand*