3 years of meetup-ing

Hard to believe, but May 16 will make it 3 years now since the inaugural Lowcountry Bloggers meetup (yes Chuck, I know you and Joan and a couple others met up before that).

From that very first meetup at Toucan Reef (now called Harbor Grille), the Lowcountry blogging community has grown from a few dozen blogs to well over 400 that are being rounded up and aggregated at lowcountrybloggers.com and lowcountryblogroll.com. It's a community that's grown to encompass not just bloggers, but Twitter users and just about every other social web thing out there.


Doesn't seem like it's been only three years. I feel like I've known the people I've met through LCB a lot longer than three years. I've met a lot of really great people through their blogs (and tweets), and being able to meet them in person has been pretty awesome.

To celebrate the occasion, I've checked with Harbor Grille to make sure their patio will be available and they've said it should be no problem. So join me and a few others returning to the scene of the crimewhere Dan helped kick everything off.

Dan, LCB mastermind

Oh, and don't feel like you have to be a blogger to join in. Come hang out with us even if you're a non-blogger. We don't bite (pretty sure most of us don't anyway).