Anniversary meetup

Plans to meet at Harbor Grille prior to tonight's showing of Star Trek at the Hippodrome got me thinking about the first Lowcountry blogger meetup, which was held there (it was Toucan Reef back then). Delving in to my blog archives, I discovered that tonight's meetup almost coincides with the third anniversary of the very first Lowcountry Bloggers meetup.

If anybody's interested, I propose that to celebrate the third anniversary of blogger meetups (you Tweeters can come too) we all return to the scene of the crime for an anniversary meetup.

What: Lowcountry Bloggers 3rd anniversary meetup
Where: Harbor Grille
When: May 16, 2009 6PM to whenever
Who: You (and whatever friends you want to bring along)
Why: Because it'll be a fun time!