Back to regularly scheduled programming

Whew, GRE is over and done with now. Time to get back to everything else that I'm supposed to be doing.

The exam turned out to be not too bad, although my score on the verbal portion wasn't quite as high as I expected. I'm pretty sure if I had put a little more effort into preparing, I could have done better. Fortunately I'm in a position where doing well on the GRE doesn't really matter. If I ended up crashing and burning on the GRE and Clemson decided I didn't meet their GRE standards, not the end of the world. I just continue on working and life goes on.

Glad it's all over now. To celebrate, I think I'll head out to the Terrace Hippodrome and catch Star Trek one more time. I'll be there for the 8PM show if anybody wants to join me.