Las Vegas excursion

Travel pain aside, my weekend excursion to Vegas was a pretty good time.

On the way, there were cool sights like this to see. Not entirely sure where the plane was, but the pilot said we were passing by the Grand Canyon when I started taking these pictures.
Supposedly somewhere over the Grand Canyon

Possibly somewhere over the Grand Canyon

Went to Vegas mostly to meet up with Rick and Mike and hang out. Since Sara is in that area too, we met up with her also. We were supposed to be there for Mark's "wedding", but he stood us up. We still had a good time anyway.

Took me a little bit to track down Rick when I got into Vegas, but eventually I tracked him down. After dumping my stuff off in the hotel room, we headed off to wander the strip and find some grub. First stop was the Vegas Hilton to see what was left of the Star Trek Experience. The Experience is gone, but oddly enough the Starfleet logo remains on the Hilton's sign out front.

Remnants of the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton

Then we hopped on the monorail to the end and decided to wander the Strip starting at the Luxor back to our hotel (Circus Circus). Turns out the Strip is a lot longer than it looks on the map.

The next day we met up with fellow geek Sara and spent a good chunk of the morning in the geek nirvana known as Fry's. After, we decided to go for wings at, fittingly enough, Buffalo Wild Wings (a bit of an inside joke).

The rest of the evening we spent hanging out and talking at one of the hotel bars.

The trip home took almost as much time as I spent in Vegas.