Not your father's Star Trek

Two words: Alternate Universe.

I've never really been a fan of people "rebooting" or "reimagining" well established franchises, especially when they try to justify it by saying they're trying to reach a new audience. Aside from some wicked cool special effects, I wasn't really expecting much from the new Star Trek movie. I figured as long as they didn't totally screw up things and alter the Trek universe, then it would be at best a pretty decent movie.

Without spoiling things, I have to say I was pretty impressed with the way Star Trek turned out. The story deviates pretty far from canon in a few aspects, but given that it's sci-fi, the writers have given viewers a way to accept the changes. Purists will probably still be mildly annoyed, but I think JJ Abrams has managed to give us a new Star Trek in a way that is still palatable to die-hard Trekkers.

The Terrace Hippodrome isn't too different from the former IMAX. Decorations are pretty much the same. The new seats are nice, cushy and comfortable. The screen is smaller than an IMAX screen, but still pretty big. After seeing movies in IMAX format, and now in the jumbo Hippodrome size, it's pretty hard to go back to the "small" regular sized movie theater screens. The sound system is pretty impressive and loud. Not quite as immersive as IMAX sound, but still pretty good.

I think I'll make the Hippodrome my default theater from now on.