Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk

This year Charleston is a location for the 2nd annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk and I'm helping to organize it, along with Chuck!

What is it? It's a day (July 18) where hundreds of people/photo geeks all across the world will get together in groups and go take pictures. So far there are 400 locations all over the world with walks being planned.

For the Charleston event, the plan is to start the gathering at the Gazebo in White Point Gardens at 9AM July 18 and head up the peninsula from there. I'll try to work out a route that will take the group through some interesting areas, but the route will be flexible. If people in the group know of other good spots to go to, we can do that. Afterwards, we'll descend on the unsuspecting Tommy Condon's for lunch and celebratory libations..

The photo walks are limited to 50 people, so if you want to go, check out the photo walk page and sign up.

I think what I need to do is get with Joan and have her help me plan out a route. Even better would be to get her to come along!