Dukes BBQ Meatup

It was road tripping up to Ridgeville for the latest Lowcountry BBQ meatup at Duke's BBQ this evening.

Word on the street is that Duke's BBQ is pretty good (one of the best most would say), and I'd have to say the street is pretty accurate.

Like many of the really good BBQ places, it's not fancy inside. Walking into the door you're greeted by the large main seating area with 3 large tables (perfect for large groups or communal dining). Off to the side is more table seating. Pony up to the cashier and pay your $8 (plus tax) and dig into the buffet. Buffet items are pretty standard for a SC BBQ place: rice, hash, sweet potatoes, pulled pork, chicken and a few other things.

Duke's BBQ, Ridgeville, SC

BBQ Meatup-ers

I think my favourite item was the hash. Almost gravy like, it was good over rice or just straight up. Give me a bowl of the hash and I'll be happy. Mmmm, hash...
BBQ Plate #1

A plate of this would make me happy too.
Pulled pork

George Pasley was the lucky winner of the Media Mogul Twitter contest between the Carolina Regional Business Journal and The Digitel. George's prize: a couple of boxes of Moon Pies and two cases of RC Cola.
Media Mogul contest winner

George accepting his goodies

Pig in or Pig out

The Ridgeville Duke's is pretty good, and worth the trip. I'm starting to think that I'll have to move because I live too far away from all my favourite BBQ joints.

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