Hunting for immunization records

As part of the admission requirements at Clemson, I have to provide them with a record of my immunizations. The last time I saw my immunization record I had sent to me from Alberta Health was 10 years and 3 moves ago, when I started working at MUSC and had to provide them to Employee Health.

A trip to Employee Health yielded some questionable results. It shows that I received the immunizations they're interested in, but it's not clear if EH just recorded the date that I provided my records to them, or if I got a whole new set of shots. One of the sheets they provided suggests the former, the other suggests the latter. Aside from the initial TB test, I don't remember getting stuck with any other needles during my pre-employment screening.

Somewhere in the house (I hope) is a box containing a folder with a fax of a photocopy of my shot records from 35+ years ago. Haven't managed to track it down yet but the search continues.

Next step: Contact Alberta Health and see if I can get another copy of my shot records sent to me.