$12 dinners at Ted's Butcherblock

Met a bunch of fellow CSCLUGers at Ted's Butcherblock today for one of their $12 Friday night dinners. Today's menu was grilled domestic shrimp with truffled summer succotash, crisp parmesan grit cake with cauliflower buttermilk puree.


First of all, cauliflower buttermilk puree? Totally not yuck like you might think. In fact, if you didn't read the menu, you'd never know it was even made of cauliflower. I wanted more of it on my plate. Shrimp: Yum. Grit cake: excellent with the puree.

Everything on the plate was really yummy.

For dessert there were a couple of Chocolate-Banana Eclairs



Yeah, I have to go back for more of these $12 Friday night dinners.