Hickory Hawg

Today's LowcountryBBQ meatup at Hickory Hawg was pretty well attended and turned out to be a big family affair. I got there a little after 6 thinking I'd be early, but everybody was there already.

BBQ meatup-ers

Unlike the last few BBQ places, Hickory Hawg isn't a buffet style place. You walk up to the counter, pick something from the menu (and they're pretty flexible about letting you pick and choose) and when it's ready they'll bring your food out to you.

Ordering at the counter

I ordered the Hickory Hawg platter for $8 and change, which is a big heaping serving of BBQ pork and two sides (I got the hash and baked beans).

Hickory Hawg platter

The pork was pretty tasty; really good all by itself, but made even better with a little of their sauce, a slightly vinegary tomato based sauce. You can even buy some of their sauce to take home with you.

The platter is just a bigger version of a plate, and is a pretty substantial amount of food. If you're really, really hungry, the platter is the way to go. Otherwise you might want to stick with the plate version for $5 and change. Regardless of which one you get, the prices at Hickory Hawg make the place a terrific value.

I'll have to go back another day and try out the ribs. They looked pretty good too.