Winding down at Ted's

My new favourite thing to wind down the week with is the Friday night dinner at Ted's Butcherblock.

The best deal in town: $12 for for a hot, home-cooked, gourmet meal. Each Friday, Chef Eva prepares a creative, restaurant-style meal, including dessert

Ted's has been around for a few years now, but aside from the occasional trip there to ogle at all the neat meat and not-meat items, I hadn't gone there too often. A few weeks ago a few CSCLUG members gathered there for a Friday night dinner. It was my first one and the food was pretty phenomenal. I've made it a regular Friday stop for the past few weeks now, and each time the food never fails to put a smile on my face. It's a nice place to relax with some good food and to indulge the inner foodie.

After dinner (and the wine tasting should you choose), it's also hard to walk out of Ted's without picking up something else, like the house roasted Wagyu beef from the deli, the very tempting hunks of meat in the butcher case, or all the goodies in the freezer.

So after a long week, head over to Ted's Butcherblock for a nice relaxing dinner. Then bring something back home with you to throw on the grill for the next day.