Central BBQ

Tonight's Lowcountry BBQ meetup was at the relatively new Central BBQ in Summerville (903 Central Ave).

Central BBQ

Aside from the bright yellow sign, it's a pretty small building that wouldn't be very hard to drive by without noticing (which would be too bad for you).

Central BBQ

The menu at Central is pretty short and simple. From what I've been told, the owner puts on a batch of 'cue at night and stays open the next day until it's all gone so you're always getting fresh off the BBQ food. Don't think it can really get much better than that.

I opted for the large BBQ plate, which comes with a couple of generous scoops of pulled pork and two sides. Dug in before I remembered to take a photo of the plate.

BBQ plate

The pork was amazingly good. Tender and smoky, I probably could have easily eaten another plate. There are four sauces available to choose from. I'm told the mustard sauce is excellent, but I rather enjoyed the Trinidad and Tobago Carribean BBQ sauce. It's sweet and tastes really good.

BBQ sauces

Central BBQ is definitely worth a visit, and if you don't live in Summerville, it's worth the trip. You'll want to get there early though before they sell out and close. Oh, and one more thing. Central BBQ is cash only.