How do I get off this ride?

This combination of work, school, research and regular life is starting to seriously kick my butt.

I think I've reached the point where I go "What the h*** was I thinking?!"

There are too many things going on. It's tough trying to keep track of it all.

I have a tendency for being absent minded and having tunnel vision when I work on things. Normally it helps me focus on the task front of me and get things done. Lately it's been getting me into trouble.

I'm involved in too many activities. The introvert in me is off in the corner whimpering.

To be fair, much of it is self-induced. I know I'm not working as efficiently as I can, and I'm not using the tools I have the way I should be to stay organized.

I have no plans on quitting anything. I have however reached the stage where the need to do things differently is finally hitting home. It's one of those things that I knew I'd have to do, but was like "I can handle it. I'll see how things go for now".

"If you knew you'd have to do things differently, why didn't do it from the beginning?" Yeah, I'm dumb like that.

I need simple again.