Taking a break from studying for my Biomaterials midterm to take a cruise through the Lowcountry blog-o-sphere. LCB barfed on me while I was in the middle of writing this so I'll post it here and then repost it at LCB when it gets better.

Time for another giveaway over at Home-Ec 101! This time it's a copy of The Taste of Home Cookbook, Cooks who Care Edition.

Ok, seriously, I thought the mosquitos and palmetto bugs were big around here. WTH is this thing?

Look how big it is compared to the cell phone! We are not sure what it is, but he found it in someone yard while he was working and decided to bring it home to us. (so much for flowers....sweet, huh?) So, he took pictures of it & then let it go in the yard. Im hoping to never see it again!

According to ParkWestPalooza, the FTC is getting ready to revise rules regarding endorsements and testimonials to catch up with blogging and social media.

The F.T.C. said that beginning on Dec. 1, bloggers who review products must disclose any connection with advertisers, including, in most cases, the receipt of free products and whether or not they were paid in any way by advertisers, as occurs frequently. The new rules also take aim at celebrities, who will now need to disclose any ties to companies, should they promote products on a talk show or on Twitter. A second major change, which was not aimed specifically at bloggers or social media, was to eliminate the ability of advertisers to gush about results that differ from what is typical - for instance, from a weight loss supplement.

Tartlette back from a trip to San Francisco shares some of the photos of her trip. You may want to cover up your keyboard for this.

Over the years, I've learned that the Charleston area is just full of interesting people that do all kinds of things. Meet the dean of College of Charleston's Graduate School.

Nikki highlights some changes that CARTA is bringing.

After having caught a lot of negative feedback from local residents, CARTA has been making headlines lately in a good way. Their newest adventure is the proposed North Charleston Regional Intermodal Center which will expand existing services and could potentially serve as a one stop shop for Amtrak, Greyhound, local buses, and even light rail! If you have thoughts on this project, CARTA will be hosting a public information meeting regarding the proposed Center at the North Charleston City Hall, 3rd Floor Buist Room, 2500 City Hall Lane, N. Charleston, SC on Thursday, 10/08/09 from 6PM to 8PM. My first suggestion... pick a sexier name.

Earl has a few things to say about Gov. Sanford's Employment roundtable

WildFlour sounds like a place worth checking out the next time you're wandering around the bottom of King St and feel like snacking on something sweet.

North Charleston is looking for it's 2010 Citizen of the Year. Know anybody worthy of the honour?

It's autumn, so that means it's time for pumpkin food. Pumpkin spice muffins by Cottage Industrialist.
Pumpkin spice muffin

There are a few fun events coming up the next couple of weekends. There's Blognic '09 October 17 at Wannamaker County Park. Come on out to share an afternoon at the park with fellow bloggers! Meet over at the picnic tables near the kid's playground.

The next weekend, October 24, is Charleston's very first Barcamp! Come on out and be prepared to learn a few things, and maybe even teach some people the stuff you know.