A dog and her ears

Nala's always had problems with gooey, yeasty ears and ear infections that flare up from time to time, but the past couple of weeks her ears have been particularly gooey. They're starting to clear up after a good flushing at the vet last week and treatment with Zymox.

A lot of things can cause chronic yeast infections in dogs and Nala has several of those working against her (loves water, floppy ears and slightly narrower ear canals than normal). They can also often a symptom of a food allergy or sensitivity, so to cover that possibility Nala's being switched to Nature's Logic Lamb for a while. It's still lamb (she's on California Natural Lamb & Rice now), but switches the carbohydrate component to millet. We'll see how she does on that for a little while. Simba will stay on the CN L&R, because he's still doing fine on it and there's no reason to switch him.