At the Fair

Had a good time at the fair Saturday with some of my fellow photographer friends. There were a total of 8 of us that showed up (at last that showed up at the right meeting spot anyway). Pretty good turnout I'd say.

Photowalkers at the Coastal Carolina Far

For Halloween, there weren't quite as many people dressed up as I thought there might be.

Crowds at the fair

Wandered around and checked out the barrel racing and petting zoo to start off with.


What we were all waiting for though, was the sun to go down though so we could have some fun playing with long exposures and getting pictures of all the lights. Once it got dark, that's when all the real photography fun started.

Across the pond

Ferris wheel lights

This is one of those shots where you set a long exposure and zoom during the exposure. Gets you some interesting effects.

Playing with zoom and long exposures

After the show in the big amphitheater, there were fireworks that we just had to photograph. I don't think there's a photographer in the world that can resist photographing fireworks.

Setting up for fireworks

Fireworks reflected in the water

Long exposure firewroks

After the fireworks, it was more midway wandering and playing with lights. For some reason, people kept asking if we were with the newspaper. Can't imagine why.

Looking for a shot

Spinning lights

Spinning lights

There's supposed to be some bull riding action tomorrow evening, so I think I might be heading back to the fair for some more photos.