Waddle Wagon

Today the SC Aquarium kicked off a new penguin program, the Waddle Wagon. It's a spiffy little wagon that lets the penguins get out of the Penguin Planet enclosure and into the Aquarium amongst all their adoring fans. Only one or two of the penguins will be in it at a time. Penguin 138 (the youngest one) got to ride in it today.

Penguin 138 in the Waddle Wagon

At the moment, it's going to be an afternoon program, that will happen at 1:30PM, just before the regular 2PM show and feeding.

Going for a ride in the Waddle Wagon

There was a pretty decent sized crowd today for being the weekend after Thanksgiving, and everybody seemed pretty excited to get up close to a penguin.

Waddle Wagon cruising dow the great hall

In the Waddle Wagon

Go check it out! It's pretty cool!