1 semester down, 9 more to go

Actually I have no idea how many semesters I have left to go. Part of that depends on how many courses I'm going to have to take. Guess I'll need to work on figuring that out.

Wrote the final exam in my Biomaterials class today. Think it went ok, although as usual, most of the exam ended up covering material that I didn't study quite as much of or quite as thoroughly as the rest.

There end up being more on biomaterial and tissue interactions than I was expecting. I was still able to pull out some answers out of my brain, although not in quite as much detail as I might have liked.

So, first semester of being back in school has been interesting. Fitting it into the work schedule hasn't been too bad thanks to some work flexibility, but has still been challenging.

The most difficult thing so far has been getting back into the habit of actually remembering the details of the material I'm studying rather than just remembering the general stuff and where to find the details if I need them later.

The down side of going back to school while you're working is that when school's out, there's still work. It only gets a little less busy.

Well, gotta pay for school somehow I suppose.