I finally cavedbroke downsuccumbed to the pressure and got myself a cell phone. I did it under protest. I was given an ultimatum: either pick out a cell phone myself, or have one picked for me.

DO NOT WA...Ooooh, look, shiny!!

Ok, what geek can resist an unboxing. Fortunately for me, UPS guy made a second trip to deliver the phone, saving me a trip to the UPS place tomorrow. What a nice guy.


Inside the box

The phone, a Motorola Cliq


The back

The contents of the box: Wall wart, USB micro cable, headphones, battery, SIM card and manuals.

Plugged in and charging

If I get to the point where I actually remember what the phone number to this thing is, I may even share it with people.

Now to start the task of migrating all my contact info from my T3.