Barkley: Year 1

Barkley was adopted just over a year ago and today I got another update from his new family. It's so great to hear about former foster dogs doing so well.

First anniversary, which we consider his birthday was this Monday! The only reason he kept from freaking out wearing the hat was because we were holding pizza. (we tried to put one on him for maggies birthday, without the allure of pizza, and he ran to the third floor and hid.)

We flipped past ST:TNG last night and watched, because you said Barkley was named for a character, so we were trying to spot him! I looked up the character, because you said they were similar, and read that Barclay was afraid of the transporter! Perfect!

He is still terrified of vacuums. He still needs a nylabone constantly- really likes to gnaw at midnight and 6am on the bed. He still rolls around on his back kicking his legs when he's entertaining himself. He now drops a tennis ball at my feet all day long- and when I'm in bed on my head all night long. He's a good runner, we do 3 miles a day. Many days the finish line of our run is the fish store, so they each get a cooked shrimp as a reward. He saw his first crane (as in the bird) on the river and went cuckoo, since it's on our running path he searchs for it every day. He doesn't seem to mind the snow.