Cliq: Month 1

I still don't remember what the phone number for this thing is. Have to look in my PDA for it still. If you ask me for my number and I say I can't give it to you, it's not that I don't want to (well, actually I probably don't want to) but because I can't remember it to give to you.

Battery life seems better after a couple of deep discharge/charge cycles along with dumping a few apps that I decided I don't need, and turning off notifications I can live without. I can leave it alone in stand-by mode all day and it's only down to ~90% charge, rather than less than 50% charge. Actually using the phone still sucks down the battery pretty fast though, especially with wi-fi turned on.

Starting to get by with Google Calendar for keeping track of appointments and calendar-y stuff. It's definitely no DateBk though.

Note Everything and Astrid are filling in nicely for Memo and ToDo.

Could really use a simple relational database app like SmartList To Go.

Starting to break out of the habit of trying to Grafitti text. At least the keyboard is pretty decent.

Getting used to it clipped to my waist and clanging against the pager, but I don't always notice when it's not there. That means I will happily not notice that I've forgotten the phone at home. That also probably means I will not notice if it gets bumped off or forgotten somewhere (which hopefully won't happen).

Cliq is growing on me, but the T3 is still the first thing I reach for.