Do Hush Puppies make you mosey?

Around here, most people think of these when you mention hush puppies

Hush puppies
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I'm not from around here, so I think of these


The shoes, not the dog. I just couldn't get Nala to move out of the way.

I was in need of new shoes a few weeks ago and picked up a couple of pairs of Hush Puppies on sale at Phillips Shoes. Once I got them broken in a little, they turned out to be pretty comfortable and living up to their reputation.

Saturday I wore them instead of my usual running shoes during my volunteer shift at the Aquarium and noticed something. I wasn't moving around as fast as I normally do.

I was moseying. I was ambling.

Now, I'm not exactly the type of person that's always rushing around from place to place like a mouse on speed. Far from it. As I was going about my routine Saturday, it occurred to me that I was just doing everything at a much slower, much more relaxed pace than usual.

Is it the shoes? Are they just that comfortable? Have I become 'south-ified' in my movements after being here for 10 years? Maybe I'm just getting fat and lazy in my old age?

The science geek in me has been thinking about how to go about quantifying the effect of the shoes on the way I do things and the pace I move. Maybe a more qualitative approach like a log or journal. The problem is that being aware of moving slower (or even just the perception of it) will introduce bias into any experiment I come up with.

I think I'll just observe and make notes for now.