Cliq: Almost month 2

Aside from the area code, still don't remember the phone number.

Recently got a firmware update pushed down for the phone. Battery life is much, much improved. Now I can let it sit all day and it's only down to 90-95% battery from a full charge.

Word is the Cliq will be getting Android 2.1 sometime after April, which should bring some cool new features and capabilities.

The vibrating alarm thingy isn't very strong. Clipped to my pants, it's faintly noticeable and easily ignored when I'm distracted by something. Clipped to a belt I can barely feel the Cliq when it starts buzzing.

Would still like a decent calendar app. I've been spoiled by using Datebk for the past 5 years or so. Doing everything with Google Calendar is ok, but is lacking in a few areas.

Started using it as an e-book reader with Aldiko. Lots of free e-books available to download, and plenty of O'Reilly titles to drain my bank account. Uses the ePub format, which is pretty standard.

For now, still a high end PDA. I may even put some effort into remembering what the phone number is sometime soon.

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