CREATESouth fun

Saturday was roadtripping up to Myrtle Beach for CREATESouth 2010. Only got there a little bit late.

This year's event turned out to be another good time, like last year was. Looked like attendance was up from last year. Started off with good keynote talks by Tee Morris and Mur Lafferty. Came in during the second half of Tee's keynote. Really liked Mur Lafferty's keynote talk. Big emphasis on social media this year. After going to Tom Lucas' talk on Google Buzz, I decided to give it a closer look. Seemed a lot like Friendfeed, so I hadn't really paid much attention to it.

There were several iPads around, so the other thing I came away from CREATESouth with was a case of iPad envy. I want. I need.

Tee Morris' keynote
Yes, Tee Morris really is wearing bunny ears.

Mur Lafferty's keynote

Another delicious BBQ lunch by Andre Pope.
BBQ lunch

Tee offering some sound advice in his "Remaining Safe in Social Media" talk

What social media is all about, according to Jared

See the rest of the photos.

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