Kick-Ass at the Hippodrome

Saw Kick-Ass at the Hippodrome this evening. Didn't really think much about it when I first heard about the movie, but after hearing the buzz about it online and from some friends, I decided what the heck.

I still didn't expect much out of it but the movie ended up vastly exceeding my expectations. There's a lot of big action that really begs to be seen on a Really Big Screen. Sure, parts of it are cheesy and covered up with spurts of over-the-top comic book violence, but it was a fun movie to watch and I quite enjoyed myself. Plus, it was at the Hippodrome, and I always enjoy myself when I get to see movies there. Seriously, after you see a few movies here you'll never want to go back to the puny (by comparison) multi-plex theater screens.

With all the people being shot in the head, blown up, exploded and stabbed, it's definitely not a movie to bring kids to.