Meet Missy

Well, you've already met Missy.

I found out last night that Missy won't be going back to her previous foster home, so she'll be staying a little longer than planned. Not a huge deal, although a little unexpected.


She's a really cute little dog, eager to please and likes to be around people. She's young so she's pretty active and likes to go exploring. She won't wander too far away from you though. Once I start taking her out for a few walks, I'll have a better idea of how clingy or not-clingy she is.


She seems to know a few basic commands, but could use some extra training. Definitely very food motivated, so training shouldn't be difficult. She does seem to have a tendency to offer everything she knows in order to get the treat. I'll see how much I can put into her little doggie head during her stay with me.


If you're interested in meeting or adopting Missy, head on over to the Wild Heir Lab Rescue site and fill out an adoption form!