An evening with Barenaked Ladies

This evening I got to see Barenaked Ladies in concert for the first time. Not sure how, but I've managed to go this long without seeing them live.

The show was a blast, and the Performing Arts Center was pretty much packed.

The concert opened with Serena Ryder, who I enjoyed more than I thought I would. I thought her acoustic guitar set was well done and very dynamic. Listening to her sing made me think of a combination of Melissa Etheridge and Alannah Myles (but not quite so country).

BNL definitely did not disappoint with the show today, with a mix from their new album (All in Good Time) and older songs. Even their theme song from Big Bang Theory made it into the set. It was different listening to them without Steven Page, but they were still awesome.

Now I just need The Tragically Hip to come to Charleston.

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