Another Southeast Linuxfest over

Judging from the response from most people, this year's Southeast Linuxfest was another hugely successful event. There was a snafu with getting decent Internet access to the meeting (big AT&T fail), but it seemed like most people put up with the hotel internet, worked around it with cell phone tethering or cell phone wifi, or just lived without it for a couple of days. Overall things went off without too many major incidents and there was a lot of positive feedback from the attendees. Things seemed a little chaotic at times but it was all good.

Not sure about the exact attendance numbers yet, but there were almost 540 people that registered online. It definitely felt like there were more people here than there were at SELF 2009. I wouldn't be surprised to hear final attendance numbers close to 700.

Learned a lot of new things to look into at DrupalCamp. Excited about learning how to do more with Drupal. Problem will be finding the time to play with it.

Managed to score a bunch of geeky t-shirts this year. Came back from SELF with 9 more t-shirts than I left with. A couple of them I bought, while the rest were freebies from various exhibitors.


Even managed to go out and do some photowalking with Michael DeHaan of Puppet Labs and Ian Weller. We hit a shut down Krispy Kreme and got some interesting photos there using the neon red glow from the DOUGHNUT sign that was still lit up. Then we spent some time taking photos at an interesting fountain. Had a good time.



Also came back with around 2.6GB worth of photos, including a few videos from Dual Core's performance Saturday night. After making a first pass to weed through the obvious rejects, there are close to 550 photos still to go through.

By late Sunday, most of the volunteers and organizers were pretty wiped out.

Looking forward to helping create another successful SELF for 2011.