Geeky finds

Thanks to @physicistlisa, I discovered the awesome coolness that is GeekSoap. I couldn't resist buying a few.


There's the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy soap at the top, the d20 soap on a rope and the d20 massage soap at the bottom.

Pretty cool stuff. Haven't used them yet; they're almost too cool to use! Plus you have to love the fact that her main website is The Pink Toque. That's such a great word, toque.

I followed @geeksoap to @GeekyLyndsay, who makes these cool dice bags, including this uber-cool caffeine dice bag. If I was still gaming and still had mounds of dice, I'd probably have to buy one of those too. I'll even overlook the fact that she's from Calgary because of the coolness of her dice bags.