Yesterday was a day full of photowalking with both the Charleston and North Charleston instances of the Worldwide Photowalk. One ambitious walker also did the Worldwide photowalk in Summerville, making 3 in one day. Stamina.

It was a hot day for photowalking too. The buildings downtown provided shade and respite from the sun, which made things mostly tolerable. By the time I got to Waterfront Park though, I was very tempted to join the throngs of kids playing in the fountain.


Despite the heat, there was a pretty decent turnout for both photowalks.

Assembled photowalkers

The Charleston photowalk started off in front of the Powder Magazine downtown on Cumberland and wandered a route that took us down to Tradd and then back up to Market St through Waterfront Park. Yeah, that fountain was very tempting.

The North Charleston photowalk that I was leading started off at the Riverfront Park in North Charleston and wandered through part of the old Navy base. At one point, one of those big heavily armoured military vehicles drove past a bunch of us. How could anybody resist photographing that? Not long after that some security dude drove by and said we weren't allowed to take photographs of them.

Fortunately the rest of the photowalk went off without any other incidents. Much fun. Pork Trifecta at EVO afterwards was very yummy after all that photowalking.

Worldwide Photowalk Charleston SC photos

Worldwide Photowalk North Charleston photos

More photos from some of the other photowalkers in the Worldwide Photowalk North Charleston Flickr group and the Worldwide Photowalk Charleston Flickr group