Charleston Eats: Kim's Korean and Japanese Steak and Seafood House

I first developed a taste for Korean food during my stay in Detroit, so I was very happy to discover Kim's when I first moved to Charleston.

Kim's is located in West Ashley on Old Towne Rd in a building that almost looks like it belongs in an alpine setting. The interior decor, even though it's been renovated to add Japanese hibachi and sushi, doesn't look like much. Covered up in the middle of the tables is what used to be a small gas stove, where at one point you could grill your own meat. Can't do that anymore though.

Don't let appearances put you off though. The food is where the action is really at. The bul-go-gi is always excellent and hasn't changed in the 11 years I've been visiting Kim's.


I usually end up ordering the family dinner for 2 (which can really feed 3-4), which gets you the pork, chicken and/or beef bul-go-gi, rice and the usual side dishes: kim-chi, bean sprouts, vegetables thoroughly doused in red hot sauce. The pachung (green onion pancake) is usually pretty good too.


Haven't tried the sushi bar or the Japanese part of the restaurant yet. Usually when I go it's Korean that I want. If you want Korean food, Kim's is the place to go.