Political pontificating

Talking politics is something I try to avoid, mostly because it's a topic I'm not all that well versed in aside from the sound bites I get through the news, or only develop half-formed opinions/responses.

Road tripping to Florence, SC yesterday though, there was a lot of NPR being listened to. Half-formed or not, I figured I might as well spit these thoughts out.

Prop 8

I fail to see how anybody can reasonably defend the position that gay marriage is ok as long as it's not called a marriage. If you're going to reserve the term "marriage" for only church/religion sanctioned unions, then I guess all those heterosexual couples that got married by a judge or some other officiant are SOL too.

Social Security

Employee social security taxes are apparently capped at something like the first $93k or so of your income. How much more could be added to the social security trust fund if the cap was removed? Perhaps not too much, but some is better than none, right?

Repealing the Bush tax cuts

When it came to extending unemployment benefits, there was much gnashing and wailing by Republicans who said that the extension shouldn't be passed because it wasn't paid for. Well, here's a way to pay for it and maybe a few other things.


One word: genius

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