In which a pumpkin is roasted

Today's CSA pickup came with another pumpkin. I still hadn't done anything with the one I picked up last week (or most of the other squashes from last week either).


This pumpkin bread recipe looked interesting, but I was out of eggs and too lazy to head out to the store this evening, so I decided to roast one of the pumpkins.

A good sharp knife makes splitting it in half a pretty easy job.


Scoop the innards out. I like to drizzle a little bit of olive oil inside before roasting.


Place the halves cut side down on a half sheet pan and roast for about an hour.

Now you have roasted pumpkin.


Steamy. And much more yellow than I expected. The dogs get canned pumpkin every now and then, which is always orange. Perhaps just a different variety of pumpkin.


Then just scoop the pumpkin flesh out of the skin and let it finish cooling and draining a little.


It doesn't taste like much by itself. Maybe after I get rid of some of the water it will start tasting like something.

Now I have to figure out what to do with this roasted pumpkin...