BarcampCHS 2 success!

It looks like Barcamp Charleston was another resounding success. Lots of hard work was put in by the organizers and there were lots of happy people everywhere I went today. Learned lots of things, met lots of people and put more faces to Twitter names.

Thanks to Baked for providing all the delicious breakfast noms!

BarcampCHS robot
(This is not Baked breakfast noms. This is BarcampCHS robot)

There were something like 60 proposed sessions, all of which I think got scheduled.

All the sessions I went to were pretty good. Probably the most interesting one was the Google Q&A session where a couple folks from Google's Berkley County data center answered a bunch of Google related questions.

Hypnotized by the #barcampchs Collecta stream

The ham radio session I went to was really interesting too. Learned a lot about what it takes to get into ham radio.

BarcampCHS was yet another awesome learning experience. Charleston could use more events like this to give people more chances to get their geek on and meet other people to do that with.