Charleston Eats: Holy City Chocolate Dark Chocolate Pecan Toffee

I was at Charleston Sweet Gourmet today picking up my weekly fix of chocolate covered espresso beans when I spotted this retro looking bag of toffee from Holy City Chocolate, made right here in Charleston.

Holy City Chocolate Toffee

"Toffee!" goes my brain. My Canadian brain automatically thinks of Mackintosh Toffee. It was a slab of hard toffee candy that came in a red box decorated with a Scottish tartan pattern (not at all like the current offering, and I don't ever remember it being called Mack Toffee). Just give the box a good smack to break it into smaller bite sized pieces and munch away.

So I decide I need to give this toffee a try and pick up a bag of the dark chocolate pecan (also comes in a peanut version).

Inside the bag are several chunks of toffee covered with a layer of dark chocolate and crushed pecans.


Good stuff. Toffee is one of those confections that you have to eat slowly unless you want to risk breaking a tooth or pulling one out chewing. This one isn't super hard so you can probably crunch away without too much worry. It does get a little sticky though. Just bite off a small piece, lick the chocolate and pecans off, then let the rest of it dissolve away in your mouth. Savour the sweet yummy toffee goodness. The toffee can get a little rough so if you're one of those people prone to cutting up the inside of your mouth on sharp edged foods, you'll want to be careful with this stuff.

Pick up a bag and give it a try.