Cupcake Camp Charleston

Yesterday's inaugural Cupcake Camp Charleston was pretty epic. It was hard to count, but I'd guess somewhere around 200 or so people showed up to sample the cupcake offerings. The actual area where the cupcakes were exhibited was kind of small with only 4 or so cupcake bakers at a time. The lines ended up getting pretty long, but a few bakers sent out trays of cupcakes so people in line would be able to get some. That's one aspect that will probably have to be changed for future Cupcake Camps.

Despite the lines, the general mood of the gathered crowd seemed pretty happy. It's probably hard to be upset when cupcakes are involved I suppose.

Snowman cupcakes

Cupcakes with candied bacon

A lot of people came to eat cupcakes

Cupcake eaters

Cupcake eating cupcake

Cupcake Camp Charleston was a really fun event, and I think a good time was had by all who came. Like last year's Barcamp Charleston, it sounds like people are already looking forward to the next one.