Time to restart the blog?

The blog has been running for close to 7.5 years now on MovableType, starting with MT 2.1 or something like that. Over that time it's been updated and downgraded by beta and release versions of MT. Now it's getting to the point where odd glitches happen and cause problems with getting entries published that I think might be related to DB clutter. Some of them I think are also caused by process reaping performed by my hosting provider. In any case, after all the things that have been done to the database, I'm thinking it's time to clean things up.

Time to decide.

  • Do I leave things the way they are and remain mildly annoyed?
  • Try to migrate entries and comments into a fresh DB?
  • Freeze this blog and start over fresh with a new instance of MT?

I could probably shell out more $ and move to a Dreamhost VPS. That would probably get me away from their process reaping and solve most of my problems. I would also have the flexibility to do a few other things too. Also the path of least resistance.

Trying to migrate to a fresh DB would leave things intact, but require a lot of back end work to figure out just what needs to be moved over. It's the kind of thing that appeals to the geek in me though.

Freezing the blog and starting over with a fresh instance would be pretty easy. It would also give me an opportunity to transition over to either MT5 or OpenMelody (because I like to be on the bleeding edge) without having to worry about breaking things more during an upgrade.