Cliq: Month 12

Heading into the end of the first year of cell phone ownership. Finally starting to remember the phone number for it, mostly from asking other people what it is.

Android 2.1 has been running on the phone for just over a month now. I've done three factory resets on the phone since the upgrade trying to get it to work properly. Contemplating a fourth. Android 2.1 is a pig on the Cliq. Slow, laggy and sucks battery like you wouldn't believe.

There are a few other things that I'm finding particularly annoying.

Bringing up the contact list can take up to a minute. It takes 2-3 minutes to bring up a contact once I tap on it from the contact list. I know, I timed it.

If I want to edit the contact, it takes another 2-3 minutes to open up the edit screen. Timed that too.


When people call me, the only way they can hear me is if I use the speaker phone. This could actually be a hardware issue, because I was having the same problem with Android 1.5. Since I don't get many calls or make many calls anyway, this has only been a minor annoyance.

I'm halfway tempted to give up on the Cliq and go for another phone, even though I did pay the full price on it.

The irony is that I actually think it's a reasonably decent device as long as I don't use it as a cell phone.