The Pack has arrived

The Pack arrived in the mail today!

The box got a thorough inspection by the dogs when I got around to checking it out this evening.
Sniffing out the box

Once I opened up the box, Nala and Simba did more sniffing and investigating
Checking out the Pack

Nala checking out the Pack

Along with the pack was a letter explaining the Where the Fack is my Pack project and a book, American Whisky Bar.

Next thing to do was try it out on Nala and get the straps adjusted properly. She wore it pretty well. She looks like she's saying "Dad, what are you doing to me?" but to be honest, she has that expression on her face most of the time.
Nala wearing the Pack

Simba will get to wear it as well.
Nala, Simba and the Pack

With an abstract to revise and final exams on Monday and Tuesday to study for, it will be a few days before I get to take the dogs and the pack out onto the town.