Walking with The Pack

Finally a few free hours on the weekend to take the dogs out for a walk with the Pack

Out for a walk with the Pack

I loaded up the pack with my camera and a water bottle (for balance) and off we went. Nala wore the pack on the way out. She didn't seem to mind it too much and didn't really pay much attention to it.

Stopping by the creek

Nala's Story: Nala is a Lab Retriever and my very first dog. We got her as a puppy from a local breeder (after doing much research) who is active in showing and hunting with Lab Retrievers. She's a really laid back kind of dog and can go from couch potato to butt-tucking wild dog in the blink of an eye. Most of the time she's just a big couch potato. Nala loves to play with other dogs and loves little kids. She's also a big help with showing the way of things to the foster dogs I take on for Wild Heir Lab Rescue. She'll be turning 6 years old in a week.

We went on one of our regular long walks up to Plymouth Park and back home. It's a nice spot to walk out to and the dogs like to hang out on the boat launch dock.

At Plymouth Park

Hanging out at the boat launch

After hanging out on the boat launch for a while and watching the current sweep by, I put the pack on Simba and let him carry it on the trip back home. He didn't mind it too much either, although he did shake a few times. It was probably ruffling his fur the wrong way while he was walking.

Simba wearing the Pack

Simba's Story: We got Simba as a puppy about a year after we got Nala, because we decided she needed someone to spend the days with while I was at work. He also came from another local breeder who was also active in showing Labs (she does the dog show circuit as a judge now). Personality wise, Simba's pretty much the opposite of Nala. Nala loves to get attention, but when she's had enough, off she goes to her corner by the door. Simba on the other hand, will take all the attention you want to give him and then some. He's just a happy bouncy 4 (almost 5) year old Lab. He's always smiling and loves to be around people. He's on the small side of the Lab Retriever standard, and on one occasion I had someone ask me if he was a miniature Lab. Simba and Nala love to play together, and for the first year they were together, it was non-stop bitey-face, wrestling and playing. They still love to chase each other around and wrestle in the back yard. Simba's also a big help with showing foster dogs the ropes around the house.

Now to find a suitable souvenir to send along with the Pack to its next destination.